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Q: How long has the 106th Fleet been around?
A: Jeremy@The_Orig_Jean_Luc_Picard founded the fleet on Feburary 10, 2010 (in real time) or Stardate 87718.20, September 20, 2410 (in-game).  We are well established, well known and respected (and hated by a few) throughout the STO community.

Q: Why is the fleet named "106th Fleet"?  Are you associated with other fleets that bear "106th"?
A: During a time in the fleet founder's life, the number "106" showed up as a employee number.  Since then it regularly shows up in his life at every turn.  There is a post in the forums dedicated to showing how frequently the number "106" shows up.  You can click here to view it.  Currently we are only associated with our Klingon sister fleet, the "106th KDF Battlegroup".  While there are fleets both on the Federation and Klingon factions that bear a striking resemblance to both our name and structure, we are in no way affiliated with them.

Q: How do I join the 106th Fleet?
A: The information can be found here.

Q: Is there a full time uniform requirement? 
A: We only require Full time uniforms for our Recruiters, Project Leaders, Envoys and the Fleet Leaders.  All other members will have a "Standard Fleet Dress" uniform to wear for special events as designated by the fleet charter.  There will be "Fleet Duty Uniforms" as well.  Again, that information is located in our fleet charter. However, some specific areas within the fleet may have a duty uniform.  These areas will set their own requirements for use of the uniform.

Q: What is the 106th Fleet Charter?
A: The 106th Fleet Charter is our guiding and founding principles of the fleet.  It defines our guidelines for what is acceptable in the fleet and what is not.  This is periodically updated from time to time but members are given all available notice about the updates.  Your acceptance and compliance with the charter is mandatory for membership in the 106th Fleet.

Q: What can the 106th Fleet offer me?
A: The 106th Fleet offers all its members stability, knowledge of the game in all areas and aspects and a welcoming environment.  The 106th Fleet is full of members (lifetime and veteran as well) willing to help one another.  We would love to be given the opportunity to teach you the secrets and how to get ahead in Star Trek Online.  We are made up of people who love Star Trek and Star Trek: Online and can share that experience with you.  We don't just make friends here, we establish family bonds.

Q: I wish to join a fleet, but I just want the occasional help and social aspects of being in a fleet but not all the political fleet baggage.  Do you offer this?
A: YES!  We Do!  You, the member, chooses how much of an active role you wish to play in the fleet.  You can remain an active member or you can strive for a project leader.  The possibilities are endless and completely up to you.

Q: What is required of all members?
A: Be active with the character(s) that resides in our fleet as per the fleet charter; comply with our fleet charter and have the Fleet Dress Uniform on hand.  You will still have limited access to the fleet bank.

Q: What does a "Goal Orientated, Family Environment" mean?
A: This means we try to keep drama out of the fleet and maintain a mature environment that is suitable for most members.  It also means we treat everyone like family.  We like to have fun , joke around and have our rants (sometimes graphic).  Also, with being a "family" comes arguments and disputes.  While these are not pleasing, they do happen.  Please repect everyone for their beliefs and ideals when it comes to disputes and that everyone has their own view of everything (perception).  "Family Environment" does not mean "Family Friendly".  These are two different things and should not be confused with one another in the 106th Fleet.

Q: Is the 106th Fleet right for me?
A: This is a question you will have to answer for yourself.  While we know that this fleet isn't right for everyone, but many call it home.  We are no strangers to members coming and going, some in high numbers in either direction.  The only way you can truely answer this question is to join up and give us a try.  We will not bite your head off if you decide this fleet is not right for you.  All we ask is that you respectfully (and with honor and integrity) let us know that you are leaving and the true reason(s) why you are leaving.  We also ask that you abide by our policies, not create a scene and exit gracefully.  We don't want to waste your time, please don't waste ours.

Q: Do you have any other fleets or MMO's you are involved in?
A: Yes.  We have our Klingon Fleet and the 106th Reserve Fleet in Star Trek Online.  You do not need to be a member of the Federation fleet to be a member of the 106th Fleet K.D.F.  As far as other MMO's, we are always looking to expand our horizons to other MMO's if warranted but at this time we only reside here in STO.  The Klingon fleet of the 106th Fleet has its own website.  You can click here to visit it.

Q: How many additional characters do you allow in the fleet?
A: We now accept more than the previous set limit of 3 characters.  However, members may bring in multiple toons within reason.  If members are casual members (Crew), they may opt to have their alternate toons in other fleets in STO.  Each alternate character that is brought in to the 106th Fleet will have a "Contribution Probationary Period" (See FAQ about probations).  Each aditional toon will have to meet this probation.

Q: How do I bring in an alternate character to the 106th Fleet?
A: You must contact a Recruiting Officer or higher with your request.  They can handle your request to bring in additional characters and will file all the necessary paperwork associated with bringing in another character.

Q: Why do you restrict being in other fleets or helping others get their fleet started while in the 106th Fleet?
A: Being in the 106th Fleet requires dedication with an overall support to the fleet.  We realize its your account and your time is valuable (but so is our time, please don't waste it!) and you should be able to play as you wish.  We are not "penalizing" you for mulitple fleet memberships; we are rewarding you for being loyal, for dedication and support to THIS fleet above all other fleets.  At this time recruiting officers or higher are restricted to sole membership to the 106th Fleet.  Regular members are not. This is in place to prevent drama and "conflicts of interest" where members were officers here in the 106th Fleet and officers/founders/leaders of other fleets at the same time.  These situations can be tense and full of drama, so they were eliminated in the early stages of the fleet.  Helping others start a fleet is prohibited regardless of the member's status in the 106th Fleet.  This is also viewed as a "conflict of interest".  Members would help start another fleet, gain as much intel and structure information about the 106th Fleet to use for their newly created fleet (spinoff fleets).

Q: Is Teamspeak and/or Vivox (In-Game Voice) a requirement to join the 106th Fleet?
A: NO.  They will never be required to join however, they are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to maintain vibrancy and a good social atmosphere.  STF's and PVP run alot smoother when everyone that is participating is able to be on Teamspeak.  Some areas of the fleet, like PvP for example, may require you to have and use it for effective combat situations.  While Teamspeak may be required to join a wing, you may not necessarily be required to speak while on the VOIP.  You may be only required to listen to the orders given out during a match or event.  On a side note, there are those that do use Teamspeak and they may get lost in coversation and may not see everything that goes on in fleet chat or other types of written text in-game.  The best way to contact people to get their attention is through the use of a private message from the chat box while in game as this sends an audio notification to the member you are trying to contact.

Q: Why do you have a "Contribution Probationary Period"?
A: The contribution probationary period is to ensure everyone is getting a fair shot on getting items provisioned from the fleet stores.  This is also in effect so you can get a feel for the fleet and do some research on our website about us.  The contribution probationary period is also in effect to prevent "Griefing" of the Fleet Starbases.  For more details and the actual requirement, you should visit our fleet charter page.

Q: What times of the day and days of the week are you most active?
A: Our peak times are in the evenings during the week and most of the day on the weekends, USA Timezones.  Most of the time you will fine others online during non-peak times, but our peak times are most definately weekdays in the evenings with Friday nights usually drawing the biggest crowd with our famed event "Civil War".

Q: The 106th Fleet is very well structured.  Why do you take such a serious approach to a game?
A: To put it point blank, WE WANT TO BE ONE OF THE BEST FLEETS IN "STAR TREK: ONLINE!" Any fleet that hopes to survive the duration of any game they are involved in takes organization on a very high level, unless they just want to be a social fleet or if they don't have goals to achieve.  Those that don't wish to put the time, the effort or if they wish to remain simple, will be a mediocre fleet, at best.  We aspire to be better than that.  Our structure and policies are written in plain English so that they are very easy to understand. While they may be lengthy, again, this shows our dedication and effort everyone puts forth to aspire to be great. Some fleets think just a simple message on how they operate or just "being simple" in general, will carry them into greatness. We do not not. While this works great for friends that just want to hang out and socialize, it does not work for fleets that have the highest goals to achive or for those fleets that want to provide more for you than this great game of "Star Trek: Online" gives us. Greatness takes more than just a few people grouped together who "talk the talk", but don't "walk the walk".  The description of our fleet on our home page is only a very small part of us.  Yes, we are proud of how awesome we are. Our actions, as well as our words, show the impact of our efforts.  In addition to our highly organzied structure, our consistant online numbers speak volumes for the 106th Fleet. Our members re-enforce the awesomeness that is the "106th Fleet"!  As stated above, this fleet isn't right for everyone, but everyone is briefed (or shown where to find our information) on what is expected of them and how we operate before they join to alievate any confusion or mis-understanding.  Only you will know if this fleet is right for you, no one else.


(If you would like your question added to this FAQ section, contact the the Founder)

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