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re: Fleet Changes Part II

We had numerous changes in mind when it came to the fleet military structure. A simplified structure if you will. Given the response from the Vice Admirals, we have decided to not take such a drastic reduction at this time.

Currently, what we are going to change within the fleet:

  • Since all members of the fleet are adults we are lifting many of the restrictions on in-game chat. Instead of having a PG-13 rating, we are moving to more of an R rating. This does not mean 'anything goes', members will still be responsible for ensuring that there is no bullying or harassment in fleet chat.

  • Jag is an obsolete department within the 106th Fleet. While, it works on paper and in theory, the idea of a "police department" within the fleet is just not a good fit for us.

  • Meetings are changing. Currently we have 3 meetings a month for most members. 2 officer meetings and the general meeting where all members are encouraged to attend. Officer meetings are going to be removed on regular basis. Officer meetings will be on an "As-Needed Basis" and will be changed to just Fleet leaders and Vice Admirals. The general meeting will still be once a month on its normal time and open to all members.

There will be more in the future that we look at relaxing, but for now we are going to concentrate on these 3 things. Some documents will be changing to accommodate this change like the fleet charter and pages contained within the fleet structure page.

If you have any questions, please bring them to the general meeting tomorrow.

This will be going into effect the weekend of May 3, 2014.

Thank you,
Jeremy, Jax & Noveta
Fleet Leaders
106th Fleet

Jeremy of the 106th
Fleet Admiral
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