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re: TRIBBLE Maintenance and Release Notes - August 7, 2012


We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

Resolved an issue that caused long delays when starting up new queue maps.
Updated the Fleet Mark rewards for the Tholian and Defera Invasions.
They now reward as follows:
When fleet hour is OFF: easy = 3 FM, medium = 6 FM, hard = 20 FM.
When fleet hour is ON: easy = 6 FM, medium = 12 FM, hard = 25 FM.
Updated the Fleet Event info text to mention the Defera Invasion as a source of fleet marks.

Duty Officers:
Added "Officer Exchange" assignments to Personnel Officers at Starfleet Academy and Klingon Academy.
These officers will allow you to take assignments that will exchange a single Green, Blue or Purple Duty Officer for 3 of one rarity level lower.
e.g.: 1 Green for 3 Whites
New fleet duty officers are now available!
The Personnel Officer in your starbase's Ops area can provide these new Duty Officers.
Each officer is commissioned individually.
You must have at least a tier 1 starbase to commission a general Duty Officer.
As you unlock higher tier starbases, better guaranteed quality officers become available.
Unlocking facilities at tier 2 and above also allows purchase of officers for specific disciplines.
These officers may have new active roster powers and new arrangements for fleets.
As with all Duty Officers, the type received is random.


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