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How To Join the Fleet

How To Join The 106th Fleet

Head Recruiter: Noveta@Vash_Picard




Honor, Courage and Commitment are ESSENTIAL for potential new and current members.  If you don't have these 3 simple things, this fleet IS NOT the right fleet for you.

Thank you for your interest about the 106th Fleet!  You will find the first steps required to start the recruitment process below.


  • First and foremost, all potiential recruits need to play our foundry mission.
    • This can be accomplished by opening your mission overview window and selecting the foundry.  Then select "Browse All" and search for "The New 106th Fleet" or just "106th Fleet".  The mission should appear either way.


  • Secondly, potiential recruits need to read our fleet charter.  
    • The link can be found on the left hand side of this page under the main menu.
      Look for this button --> .

  • Lastly, all potential recruits must apply to our fleet via the link below.
    • Our site is part of  You are required to create a login (if you don't already have a guildlaunch account) to apply to our fleet.  Creating a guildlaunch account does not automatically complete your application.  Once your guildlanch account is created, you still need to complete the application to our site.  



A recruiter will not be able to give you an interview unless you have completed the above two steps. Having these three steps completed will also speed up the interview process.  Be sure to bring all your questions about the fleet you would like answered to your interview.


Once you are in contact with a recruiter, they will set up an interview.  This interview could take awhile so make sure you have the time to dedicate to it.


Below is how to find our fleet in-game...

  • While in-game, you can go to the the social page by hitting "O" (if you haven't changed your default key) and then click the tab called "Find Fleet".  Type "106th Fleet" (without the quotes) in the search bar and click on "Search" or just hit enter.  Once the fleet shows up, click on the name then click on "Details" at the bottom.  That will show you who is online and has recruiting permissions.  Alternatviely, you can type "/who 106th" (again, without quotes) in your chat box.  This will show everyone who is online and in-game.  However this method will not show you who has invite privilages.




This application is for those that wish to join the 106th Fleet. At this time, we do not accept applications for "website only" or "Diplomatic" access. Most of our information is public, however there is a forum called "Hailing Frequencies" that non-members can utilize to post in. The only requirement is that you have a guildlaunch account (our website host). We also have an in-game public chat channel called the "Argus_Array". Click the link to the Argus Array for more details and our "Terms of Use" for said channel.

We are an English speaking and writing fleet. We are active in the American time zones. Please be sure you understand that your expectations may not be met because of time zone conflicts BEFORE you submit this application. By submitting this application you accept the conditions of our fleet charter and have answered the questions on the application truthfully and within the best of your knowledge which you confirm on the application.

Also, please remember, you are applying to a Fleet (community). Please be sure to take an active stance in this fleet even if you are casual. We are a much more effective fleet as a whole and we can provide a better learning experience for you if you step up and participate with other members of the fleet. We are not just here to "carry" you along.

Lastly, we do not accept current or prior toons (including fleet-less alts) from any of our allied fleets regardless of how long its been since they were a member.  Members who apply to our fleet and falsify their application to hide this information will be kicked immediately.






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