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Mission Statement


--- Mission Statement ---

The 106th Fleet was commissioned as a diverse fleet with varying capabilities to best suit the needs of Starfleet and the Federation. While some fleets focus on defense or scientific duties, the 106th prides itself on being able to fill multiple niches within Starfleet, carrying out the mission of exploration and research while maintaining the strength to confront any and all threats. We are THE premiere fleet in the Federation.


Commitment to Fellow Fleet Members

We will be courteous and respectful in all interactions with fellow fleet members and the community.  We will support and value each other's roles as members of the 106th Fleet.  We will foster a "goal seting" environment and focus on obtaining results for/from all members of the fleet.  We are here to work together for common goals.

To meet this commitment as a Fleet, each of us will...

  • Be responsible for our own attitudes.
  • Take responsibility for creating trust between fellow members and ourselves.
  • Be open to suggestions for improvement, including constructive feedback.
  • Find ways to affirm our fellow fleet members' contributions and expertise.
  • Be generous with our skills and abilities by educating others in new ideas and/or techniques.


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©June 2010 106th Fleet™ (Except for Cryptic's Information which belongs to them and is under their copyrights) and may not be used in whole or part without the 106th Fleet founder's written approval.

Disclaimer: This document may be changed or updated at any time to allow for clarification, corrections for gramatical and spelling errors, revisions to the structure or anything else deemed appropriate by the fleet adminstrators.

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