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Teamspeak Disclaimer

WE HAVE TRANSFERED TO DISCORD FOR VOICE COMMS.  Please get the link from the "Message of the Day" in game.  Thanks!


106th Fleet Teamspeak 3 Information is only available to 106th Fleet members and guests of the 106th Fleet. On the next page you will also find information to other people's VENT, Teamspeak or other type of V.O.I.P. server. 

V.O.I.P. for those that are unfamilar with the term is "Voice over Internet Protocal" which is a form of being able to voice chat with someone if you have a microphone and speakers.  Most of us have speakers but not mircophones.  You can still come into the server and chat with the people there, but only thru typing on your keyboard.


Goto Teamspeak 3 Information Page

**If you click on this link and you are directed to login or the link takes you to our homepage, its either because you are logged out or you are not a member of the 106th Fleet Website.**

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