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Alliance Charter

106th Fleet Alliance Charter


Purpose: To define boundries, ethics, an overall responsibility to each other, to ensure certain tasks are met and to ensure the surviability of each fleet.

Preface: We believe the 106th Fleet to be one of the best fleets created here in Star Trek Online.  Many claim to be the best fleet or that they have a quality fleet.  Many brag about guilds spread out across mulitple MMO's.  Some don't know the direction they are heading and some lack structure and longivity.  Well here at the 106th Fleet, we do know where we are heading and what our goals are.  If you are already in a great fleet or you are one of the command officers in your fleet and wish to make your's and our fleet even better, contact us to schedule a meeting.

Guidelines: The following basic Titles will explain a little more of what we expect from and alliance.  These may change on a fleet to fleet alliance basis.  We ask that you view our fleet charter in the navigation links on our main page to familarize yourself with how we operate here in the 106th Fleet.



Title I - Identity

  • Each fleet shall maintain their individual identities.


Article I - Memberships

Each fleet shall maintain it's members in such a way that there shall be no recruiting of each others' members.

Section I - Leaving an allied fleet
If a member wishes to leave an allied fleet and then wants join the allied fleet, the recruiting allied fleet shall respectfully decline membership to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Section II - Mutiple Characters
Allied fleets shall not allow a user to have a character in both allied fleets for the sole purpose of a conflict of interest.  If a member is found to have a character in both fleets, one character shall be removed pending contact with the member in question.

Section III - Fleet Rosters
All allied fleets shall maintain a roster, viewable by each allied fleet's command staff or at the very least, allied fleet personnel officers, to help verify and avoid "conflicts of interest".


Title II - Resources

  • Each fleet shall maintain its own fleet resources and the sharing of those resources will be dependant upon the Fleet Command and their decisions on how to proceed. 


Article I - Personal Member Resources
Member resources will not be regulated and are up to the member themselves on how to handle their personal finances.


Article II - Communications Channel
A chat channel will be set up in-game for allied fleets to communicate.


Title III - Structure

  • Each fleet shall keep it's unique defining details on structure setup and other information to the foundation of the fleet, its business and will not share that information with other allied fleets.


Title IV - Responsibilities

  • This section will define what the purpose of the alliance is for.


Article I - Priority One Relations

Section I - Distress Calls
All allied fleet members should help other allied fleet members in need.

Section II - Respect
Allied fleet members should be respectful to one another.  If there is a problem between members, one should bring it to command officer of your fleet either thru mail or a PM.

Section III - Disputes and Arguments
You shall not verbally attack, verbally harass,"flame", "troll" etc., say "You don't know what you're talking about", "You don't even have a clue", ETC. ETC. ETC. to fellow allied members.  If you have a problem, take it to private chat or just block them.  Again, when problems arise between allied members, you should bring it to the attention of the command in your own fleet.  DO NOT CONTINUE ARGUING.


Section IV - Restricted Topics for Discussion

  • These topics are restricted for good reasons.  Its not for restricting your freedom of speech or anything else like that, its just for the well being of the alliance and the fleets in general.

Sub-Section A:
NO political, political party, religious discussions or "highly controversial topics" allowed either with someone in the fleet or in the chat zones, including our VOIP.  These types of discussions divide fleets/guilds and is not good for the overall well being of the fleet.


Sub-Section B:
There shall be NO racial comments, slurs, gender orientation discussions or anything else along these lines.


Section V - Common Sense
Above all, use discretion and common sense for anything else that may have forgotten here... 


Article II - Duties
The purpose of the alliance is to share game information, stratigies, tips, tactics and anything else of a in-game nature.  It is also to make more friends, have more people readily available to assist one another and improve game play and to enhance the overall enjoyability of the game itself.


Title V - Cryptic Behavior Guidelines

Article I - Guidelines

Section I:
To ensure that Star Trek Online is a fun, fair, and safe environment, there are a few basic guidelines that all users are required to abide by in-game when communicating with other players.

Sub-section A: In-Game Chat May Not Contain

  • Language which may be considered offensive to any real-world demographics, including race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, and ethnicity
  • Reference to extreme or violent sexual acts
  • Profanity or inappropriate language
  • References to participation in illegal real world activities (i.e. drugs, violence)
  • Advertisements for real-world products or websites
  • Spamming
  • Real life information regarding another user (address, phone number, real name, etc)
  • Intent to scam another player


Section II:
While playing Star Trek Online it is against the game policy to intentionally disrupt the game play of other players.

Subsection A: While Playing Star Trek Online You May Not

  • Block Mobs, Doors, Node, Etc
  • Spam excessive effects
  • Interfere with player-run events
  • Interfere with player gatherings
  • Intentionally exploit game bugs
  • Utilize third-party programs to automate unattended game-play
  • Disobey instructions given by a Cryptic Game Master


Article II - Enforcement

Section I:
If characters are found in violation of this policy it may lead to disciplinary actions against the offending account. This could include suspension from the game or possibly account termination.

Subsection A:
For the full legal documentation of this policy, please see Cryptic's Legal Terms.


Title VI - Alliance Charter Ammendments

  • Ammendments may be made to this Alliance Charter.  Guidelines set forth below.


Article I - Procedure
Any ammendment wishing to be made to this charter must be made readily available to all parties concerned.

Section I:
Ammendments will be reviewed by both fleets and shall require a hearing to discuss any ammendments presented and how to proceed.


Article II - Incorporation
Once an ammendment is accepted, it will be incorporated into the alliance charter and shall be recognized as part of the alliance charter.


Title VII - Consent and Absolvement

  • This shall define the basics for consent to this alliance and to state the enforcement of the alliance.


Article I - Consent
You must agree in whole with this charter before the 106th Fleet will consider a alliance.

Section I - Addition of Expanding Alliance Charter

This Alliance charter may be expanded by the fleet wishing to ally with the 106th Fleet before any acceptance takes place.

Sub-Section A - Basic Charter

This Basic charter may not change though.  It may only be expanded to include the wants and wishes of the fleet wishing to ally itself with us.


Section II - Acceptance

This alliance charter, once accepted shall be a binding contract between the allied fleets and shall be considered "Law" between the allied fleets.


Article II - Absolvement of Alliance
This shall define how this Alliance Charter is handled if there is a "breach" of contract

Section I - Ending the Contract
If at any time this allied contract is breached the fleet in good standing on the charter may ask for a dismissal of the alliance charter and for the fleet alliances to be disolved.

Sub-Section A - Hearing
Fleet command will be required to attend a hearing set up on a schedule so that the fleet command from both fleets may attend to hear the facts and why the Alliance Charter should be disolved.  A complaint in writing will be accepted if time scheldules conflict to allow the non-attendace of fleet command members.



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