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106th Fleet Charter

 106th Fleet Charter




1: Remember the GOLDEN RULE, practice it, live by it in STO.

2: Help fellow fleet members in need of assistance.  Be a community, act like a community, of friends.

3: Respect everyone, everywhere.

4: Keep your drama to yourself!  Don't participate in other's drama! (NO TOLERANCE!)

5: Respect eveyone's point of view.

6: Bring problems to the command staff.

7: Keep all real world politics, racial slurs directed at others and "highly controversial" topics out of any type of fleet communication! (NO TOLERANCE!)


9: All members who leave the fleet, regardless of how, will be on a three month probation from joining again. (NO FLEET HOPPING!)


11: Respect our forums.  Your post will be moderated and possibly temporarily or permenently banned from them.

12: Abide by Cryptic's and Perfect World's "Terms of Service" and "Behavior Guidelines".

13: No excessive swearing.

14: Do not trash talk the command staff or any of their decisions.  You will be removed.  Bring your comments or concerns to them privately.

15: Stay active.  Characters past 90 days since last login risk being removed.  Let a command staff member know if you are going to be gone for a lengthy period of time.

16: Characters in other fleets are OK unless a conflict arises.

17: Multiple characters from one member is OK unless a conflict arises.

18: This is not a democracy.  Fleet Leaders make the final decisions for the fleet and they reserve the right to superseed any created document or charter when they deem necessary or to perform any action regardless, or in circumstances which requires an immediate response or corrective action, without fear of any retaliation from its members or diciplined members(s).

19: Talk with the leaders of the fleet BEFORE you click the 'leave fleet" button.  Maybe they can resolve your issue?

20: Discord and website membership is highly encouraged but not required.


 Be sure to visit our "F.A.Q." and "Fleet Structure" pages which can be found by clicking the links on the left in the main menu.  Both pages give great insight as to why things are the way they are and how we do things.
The link to our fleet promotion requirements can also be found on the fleet structure information page.


DISCLAIMER: This charter is subject to change at will, be edited for clarification and/or to make changes to grammatical errors, format and/or spelling with or without notice.  It is recommended you check back often.

June 2010-2015 106th Fleet™. May not be used in whole or part without the 106th Fleet founder's written approval.

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