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106th Fleet Charter

 106th Fleet Charter




DISCLAIMER: This charter is subject to change to allow new Titles, Articles, Sections and/or Sub-Sections to be added, for clarification and/or to make changes to grammatical errors, format and/or spelling with or without notice.  It is recommended you check back often. 

This fleet charter shall superseede any other sub charter or other type of document created by other officers for wings and squadrons that are in the fleet (JAG Structure is excluded as it is designed to enhance the fleet charter).  In a conflict the fleet charter will always win...  No exceptions...

Our fleet charter ensures that the fleet runs smoothly and efficiently.  All members are required to accept this charter (and the fact that it does change from time to time to maintain order and effeciency) in order to be a member and also while you are a member of the fleet.  Members will be removed for non-compliance.

Any text with a strikethrough is no longer valid and can be ignored.


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Title I - Fleet Behavior

Article I - The Golden Rule
Article II - Distress Calls

Article III - Respect
Article IV - Disputes/Arguments
Article V - Chain of Command
Article VI - Restricted Topics for Discussion
Article VII - Common Sense

Article VIII - Leaving the Fleet

Title II - Written & Spoken  Behavior

Article I - Forum Guidelines
Article II - Argus Array Guidelines (VOIP/Teamspeak 3)
Article III - All Fleet Communications

Title III - Fleet Uniforms

Article I - Types
Article II - Requirements
Article III - Enforcement 

Title IV - Cryptic Behavior/Usage Guidelines

Article I - Guidelines
Article II - Enforcement
Article III - Your Responsibility

Title V - Member Activity Policy

Article I - Explanation
Article II - Exceptions

Title VI - Website Membership

Article I - Classifications

Title VII - Multiple Fleet Characters

Article I - Definitions

Title VIII - Fleet Events

Article I - Definitions
Article II - Guidelines
Article III - Enforcement
Article IV - Exclusions

Title IX - Multiple Fleet Memberships

Article I - Definitions

Title X - Administrative

Article I - Purpose





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Title I - Fleet Behavior

Article I: Golden Rule

Section I
Remember the GOLDEN RULE, practice it, live by it in STO.


Article II: Distress Calls

Section I
All fleet members are required to help another fleet member in need of assistance.  If you can not assist with the request, you are required to see if there is an available person to assist.

Sub-Section A
Members should also apply this in public areas if you have time or know the answer to the question(s) they are asking.

Sub-Section B - Exceptions
Except as listed in Art(II), Sec(I) of this title, this may be by-passed in situations where members are attending a PVP match, fleet or public run event, etc.


Article III: Respect

Section I
Be respectful to EVERYONE in STO, however, this doesn't mean you have to like them but one should still respect them.  If there is a problem with someone in our fleet or someone in the public community that you need assistance in rectifying, bring it to a Fleet Leader or a Founder either directly, thru a mail or Private Tell.  Do not continue to fuel the situation if you feel it is out of control.  Remember you represent our fleet on the inside and to the public. Your actions should show that. 

Sub-Section A
When trying to assist the appropriate personnel about the said events happened,  "screen-shot", copy or record the situation.

Section II - Combat Taunts
While there may be situations where taunting is part of the course of normal gameplay (which we understand), the 106th requests that you use caution as some may and will take this form of banter personally.  Be aware, "personal attacks" thru banter against a fellow STO player may result in an undesired outcome from the other player, the fleet or in a worst case senerio, Cryptic.

Section III - Drama
The fleet has a strict "NO DRAMA" rule.  Keep all drama out of the fleet.  Members who cause drama will be removed from the fleet with no questions asked. 

It does not matter if someone else started the drama.  Do not engage in someone else's drama.  Doing so could also get you kicked from the fleet as well!


Article IV: Disputes and/or arguments

Section I
Do not verbally attack, harass, flame, insult (or anything else that is similar) someone or another fleet in zone or local chat or any other public chat.  If you have a problem or you wish to discuss something not appropriate for public viewing, take it to private chat and discuss it there. If they are someone in our fleet or on the website, bring it to the Admirals attention of the fleet for investigation.  If all else fails, you should block them. Remember, you represent the fleet.  Your actions should show that.

Sub-Section A
DO NOT USE "REPORT SPAM" in-game for anything other than gold spammers or actual "spammers".  Someone disagreeing with you or if you do not agree with someone else is not "spam".  Fleet recruitment is not spam either, unless it is extremely frequent.  Use your best judgement when it comes to fleet recruitments.  {The reason behind this is, if 5 people in a very short amount of time utilize "Report Spam" against someone that really isn't spamming, the game automatically silences them from all communication, both in-game, the mail system and the forums.  It takes an act of God to get it removed early (thru a GM ticket).  For the leigitment person recruiting that gets reported as "spam" has just lost the ability to communicate with his/her fleet, their friends, send mail or post on the forums.  This is why we view it as a "NO NO" in our fleet because I, Jeremy-Fleet Admiral, have been a victim of this abuse.}

Section II
We are a big family that has many various views on every aspect of each of our lives, the game, our beliefs, etc.  These are very important and are part of a healthy life.  What matters is RESPECT.  While we may debate the finer points of these areas, and while some of us may very passionately argue these points, at the end of the day, we should all respect each and everyone for their beliefs, personal views and whatever else may come our way.

Sub-Section A - Grievances
Members should always try to resolve conflicts among themselves.  However, if it isn't possible, the Personnel Officer handles the "Grievances" among members.  The Personnel Officer should be your first step if a conflict can not be resolved among members.  However, members may utilize the "Open Door Policy" with the Fleet Leaders. 

Article V: Chain of Command

Section I
All members are subordinate to the Fleet Leaders.  Be sure to contact the fleet leaders to relay any important business. General chat, of course, is excluded from this rule.

Section II: - Open Door Policy
We do have an open door policy here in the fleet.  If there is something you need to talk about, please feel free to contact the Fleet Leaders with your concern.

Section III - Group Events
During group fleet events (I.e. Raids, Fleet Actions, PVP) the group leader superseedes all fleet ranks for giving orders for that event, and its duration, providing they reflect the spirit of the fleet.  However, chain of command orders will still apply regardless of the situation.

Section IV - Rank, Bank and Permissions
Temporary Explaination -
Bank - Our policy, if you have access to it, it's yours!

Section V - Diplomatic Relations
All diplomatic communication from outside the fleet from other STO players or other fleets will be handled by a 106th Fleet Leader or the Envoy Officer
ONLY unless another member of 106th Fleet has been authorized to speak on their behalf.

Sub-Section A
If any other type of member is contacted with diplomatic concerns this is the following procedure

  • The Fleet Member tells the contacting person who to contact
  • At this point all diplomatic communication must be ceased
  • Normal Chat (outside of diplomatic relations) is excluded

Section VI - "Member Comments"
This section of the roster is reserved at the direction of the Fleet Leaders' and Project Leaders' use.  Do not put anything here unless directed to do so.  The "Status" dropdown is for use by the individual and they may put anything there they wish as long as it is not inappropriate and it does not conflict with the charter.

Section VII - "Contribution Probation Period"
All new recruits will have a probationary period.  All new toons to the 106th Fleet must contribute items to our holdings which in turn will award "Fleet Credits".  Each toon that wishes to promote to member must earn a minimum of 100,000 (One Hundred Thousand) fleet credits which is tracked by the "Overall Contributions" in the dropdown of the fleet roster.  Characters on the probationary time will have very limited access to the our fleet bank. No toons during the probationary period will be allowed to access the fleet stores.

During this time you may still participate in fleet events, have fun and still contribute to the fleet projects so that you may store fleet credits up. This probationary period is so that you and the fleet may determine if you are a good fit in the 106th Fleet.  During your probationary period you may decide to leave or we may decide its time for you to move on. 

Section VII - "Personnel Files"
All members in the fleet will have a "Personnel File".  This file is your fleet "Service Record".  All information is stored in here concerning promotions, demotions, achievements, honors, disiplinary actions, etc.  This file is created upon a member's entry to the fleet and remains with the fleet indefinately.

Sub-Section A - "Required Process"

      • Recruiting Officers (or those trained to recruit) will make the first initial post with the interview in the proper section of the Personnel File Area which will include all chat from the interview between the recruiter and the recruit.
      • While everyone has the ability to post here, members are prohibited from entering data into their own "Personnel File".  Posts by the members themselves to their own files or to those they don't directly oversee are invalid and not binding and will be removed from the file with a mark against their service record.
      • Updates to files must be made within 48 hours to reflect the change in the member's status, etc.
      • Only the Personnel Officer or fleet leaders can edit a file once a post has been made to a "Personnel File".



Article VI: Restricted Topics for Discussion

Section I
NO political, political party, religious discussions or "highly controversial topics" allowed either with someone in the fleet or in the chat zones, including our VOIP.  There shall be NO racial comments, slurs, gender orientation discussions or anything else along these lines.  A "NO TOLERANCE" policy is in effect for this article.

Sub-Section A
We are not trying to restrict your freedom of speech here in the 106th Fleet; its because these types of discussions could divide the fleet or members could get extremely offended by such topics.  Discussions such as the ones mentioned above are not good for the overall well being of the fleet.  Its best to avoid these discussions as much as possible.


Article VII: Common Sense

Section I
Above all, use discretion and common sense for anything else that may have been forgotten here...  While we allow "R" rated conversations, there is still limits on it, so you must use your best judgement when chatting within the confines of the "R" rating.  Your conversation may be moderated by Fleet Command.


Article VIII: Leaving the Fleet

Section I
All members who intentionally leave the fleet will be on a 3 month probation before they eligible to join the 106th Fleet again.


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Title II - Written & Spoken Behavior

Article I - Forum Guidelines

Section I

Section II
Post your comment/question in the appropriate forum. Any posts deemed to be in the wrong place will be moved. Do not cross-post the same thread in multiple places.  Keep all topics to roughly a "R" rating.  This doesn't mean "ANYTHING GOES".  There will still be limits on what will be appropriate.

Section III
We don't want systematic bullying or abuse, this includes the main boards, shout box and the PM system on the site, the PM system is not a private method for members to attack, insult, abuse or bully other members.

Section IV
Due to the real time nature of this forum, it is impossible to review all posts as they are made. We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information presented, and the messages express the views of the author, and are not necessarily the views of 106th Fleet.

Section VI
NO POST may condone or promote any illegal or reckless activity.  NO POST by any member may discuss Admin/Command decisions or moderation actions here on the 106th Fleet forums that reside within public viewing.

Section VII
If you are uncertain or unsure of something then ask a member of the team before you post, we will happily advise you over any questions you may have concerning the forum rules.

Section VIII
We are governed by guildlaunch's "Terms of Use". You may find it here

Section IX
DO NOT create "tagging", "check-in" or "single word post" threads.  These threads are usually for increasing post count and are prohibited on the 106th Fleet Fourms

Section X
DO NOT post workarounds, exploits or cheats in any forum designated "PUBLIC ACCESS". Doing so will get your post moved and possibly your posting/replying rights suspended. While these types of posts are discouraged and are not endorced, "We", the 106th Fleet, its Leaders and/or its Administrators are not liable for any post that violates Cyrptic's TOS. We do, however, feel the player base should have an area to discuss things that are not normally allowed on Cryptic's website concerning Star Trek Online, fleet robbers and "game mechanics".

Section XI - Avatars and Signitures
Please use "respectable" avatars and signitures in the forums which should not conflict with Section VI from this Article.  Avatars and Signitures will be removed if they are "questionable".  Signitures will be required to be ledgible, have only a total of 5 lines of text including spacing between lines and confined to the size of "900w X 150h" pixels. This falls under the same clasification that the Star Trek: Online forums use.

Section XII - Enforcement
Members who violate this section of the charter may be banned from the forums either temporarly or permently which could affect fleet rank/membership status. 


 Article II - Argus Array Guidelines (VOIP/Teampseak 3)

  • While our teamspeak is not required for initial membership to the fleet, we still ask there be some simple guidelines to follow when using the VOIP server:
    • Being VOIP is the easiest way to communicate, we do not allow the use of our server to "farm" members 
    • Please limit the amount of connections per IP (Sever currently allows a MAX user connection of 25)
    • Our server does allow for 106th Fleet/KDF guests.  "GUEST" sever tags may only be changed if they are a member of the 106th Fleet or 106th KDF. However, guests may be moved freely thruout the teamspeak server at the discression of another member
    • Our teamspeak server carries an "R" Rating. There will still be limits on what is considered appropriate.
    • PLEASE keep excessive swearing to a minimum in any public lobby
    • PLEASE refrain from any activity that someone asks you to stop 
Section I - Enforcement
Members who violate this section of the charter may be banned from the teamspeak server either temporarly or permently which could affect fleet rank/membership status. 


Article III -  All Fleet Communications

Section I - While Being a Member of the 106th Fleet
During membership, members (disgruntled or not) are restricted from using any VOIPs, Text Channels or websites (which includes any private or public channels/websites) to:

      • "Trash talk" the fleet
      • "Trash talk" another fleet member
      • "Trash talk" a fleet Commanding Officer
      • "Trash talk" ANY fleet decisions or Commanding Officers' actions
        • This includes publicy discussing ANY fleet decisions or actions whether for informational purposes or because of opposition
      • "Trash talk" the Fleet Leaders
      • Conspire against the fleet, its Commanding Officers or Fleet Leaders
Sub-Section A - Enforcement
Violation of this Article while result in immediate removal from the fleet.
Section II - Options and Responsibilities
If you have concerns, questions, opinions or oppositions please discuss them in a respectful manor with the Fleet Leaders in a private setting. However, even in a private setting, a Fleet Leader may not be able to divulge information to you.  ALL members have a responsibility to bring the types of violations listed above to the attention of the Fleet Leaders. 


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Title III - Fleet Uniforms 

  • While uniforms are not required under most circumstances, it is still highly encouraged to wear them when ever possible while in public zones.  We realize everyone has their own "panache" and the 106th Fleet does not want to infringe on it.  To help allow for this, uniforms are only required as defined below.  Otherwise the member may wear the uniform of their choice.

Article I - Types

Section I - Fleet Duty Uniform

The "Fleet Duty Uniform" is set by the Project Leader of an area.  The duty uniform is required to be on hand and worn for every OFFICER for the following situations:

      • Fleet Business
      • Fleet Meetings
      • Meeting with Commanding Officers or Subbordinate Officers
      • Any other type of Official Fleet Business
      • Any other situation as directed by any Commanding Officer or Fleet Official


Section II - Fleet Dress Uniform

Sub-Section A
The "Fleet Dress Uniform" is required to be on hand and worn for every MEMBER for the following situations:

      • Fleet Organized Public Events
      • Diplomatic Situations (Unless another uniform is already designated)
      • Any other type of event listed "Dress Uniform Required" or "Special" event (Unless a special uniform was created for the event)
      • This uniform may be worn in all public areas to represent the fleet if a member wishes to do so.  It is not required, but highly encouraged.
      • Any other situation as directed by any Fleet Official
 Male Fleet Dress Uniform
Female Fleet Dress Uniform #1
Female Fleet Dress Uniform #2

Section III - Project Leaders/Envoys
Project Leaders and Envoys will be required to wear a pre-designed uniform during presentations or active service unless the "Fleet Dress Uniform" is required.
Male Project Leader Uniform
Female Project Leader Uniform #1
Female Project Leader Uniform #2


Male Envoy Uniform Female Envoy Uniform #1 Female Envoy Uniform #2


Article II - Requirements

 Section I - Sets the requirement for fleet uniforms

Sub-section A
The Uniforms are at the tailor.  Members will only be able to access the uniforms appropriate to their permission group.  If you do not see a uniform, its because you don't require it for your permission group.  The uniforms on file at the tailor have already been set up accommodate female and male characters with both a skirt and a pant option for the females.  To get the Fleet Duty and Fleet Dress uniforms, goto the last window of the tailor and choose your gender, fleet rank, and career under the drop down box for fleet uniforms.

Sub-section B
Since season 2 released, fleet Emblems are a requirement for the uniform regarless of what uniform you are wearing (Fleet Dress, Fleet Duty, Your personal uniform, etc).  The uniform emblem can only be equipped via the tailor.  For all fleet uniforms, communication badges (Com Badge) must be Federation in origin.

Sub-Section C
Open Jacket uniform may be used as a variant to the uniform selections if you have purchased it from the C-Store.  The fleet uniform assigned to you still must be adheared to, but with the open jacket equiped.  Skin may be shown or a darker color undershirt (black or grey) must be worn.  All other requirements must be also adheared to in this charter.

Sub-Section D
No kits or armor may be visible while in the fleet dress uniform.  Kits (However, not armor) may be allowed on your duty uniform by your Project Leader (please check with them).  Please refer to your project leader or a senior member on how to hide or enable visuals on kits.

 Sub-Section E


Article III - Enforcement

Section I:
Any member who has been advised multiple times for not adhearing to the uniform policy may be kicked from the fleet with or without warning.



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Title IV - Perfect World and Cryptic Behavior/Usage Guidelines

  • We recognize Cryptic's behavior and usage guidelines as their rules for them allowing us to play in the great online universe of Star Trek Online and agree to abide by their terms for behavior and usage set forth by them including those that are listed elsewhere on their website or in the User agreement that came with the game.

Article I - Guidelines

Section I
To ensure that Star Trek Online is a fun, fair, and safe environment, there are a few basic guidelines that all users are required to abide by in-game when communicating with other players.

Sub-section A: In-Game Chat May Not Contain

  • Language which may be considered offensive to any real-world demographics, including race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, and ethnicity
  • Reference to extreme or violent sexual acts
  • Profanity or inappropriate language
  • References to participation in illegal real world activities (i.e. drugs, violence)
  • Advertisements for real-world products or websites
  • Spamming
  • Real life information regarding another user (address, phone number, real name, etc)
  • Intent to scam another player 


Section II
While playing Star Trek Online it is against the game policy to intentionally disrupt the game play of other players.

Sub-Section A: While Playing Star Trek Online You May Not

  • Block Mobs, Doors, Node, Etc
  • Spam excessive effects
  • Interfere with player-run events
  • Interfere with player gatherings
  • Intentionally exploit game bugs
  • Utilize third-party programs to automate unattended game-play
  • Disobey instructions given by a Cryptic Game Master 


Article II - Enforcement

Section I
If STO/fleet members are found in violation of this policy it may lead to disciplinary actions against the offending account by Cyrptic and possibly the 106th Fleet. This could include suspension from the game, the 106th Fleet and/or possibly account termination.

Sub-Section A:
For the full legal documentation of their policies, please see "Cryptic's Legal Terms & Code of Conduct".


Article III - Your Responsibility

Section I
Cryptic has Terms of conduct that its customers must abide by. If you feel there is a player who is in violation of these terms, get in contact with a 106th Fleet Admiral and file a harassment Ticket ASAP with Cryptic as well, entering all the details of the event and take a screen shot if necessary. Always remember to use the ignore function for other players in game when needed.




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Title V - Member Activity Policy

Article I: Explanation

    • To ensure the fleet stays full of active members and to allow the spots of inactive players to be filled by people who are active and wish to join the 106th Fleet.

Section I: Regular Characters/Members

  • All regular characters/members (Member or Veteran) are given a 90 day activity period.  Periodically an activity check is performed. Any toons out past 90 days since their last login will be removed from the fleet
  • This check is completed around the 1st of the month.
  • This is subject to the date of the check and the last online date for any given character.
  • It will be up to member to make sure all toons are current.
    • There will be NO NOTICES sent out.
    • Members may or may not be removed from the website and any global channels.
  • LOA’s  or VACATIONS WILL NOT be granted.


Section II: Recruiting Members

      • Recruiters are very important to the stability and growth of the fleet.  Therefore, the following policies are set forth specifically for the recruiters of the fleet.

Sub-Section A - "Activity Requirements"

  • All recruiters need to maintain an active roll within the fleet. 
  • All recruiters need to be up-to-date will all recruiting procedures and practices set forth by the personnel officer.
  • Any recruiter who is inactive past 10 days will get a demotion back to the appropriate member rank for their service time and may not be allowed to perform recruiting.


Article II: Exceptions

    • The article defines the exceptions of the "Member Activity Policy" of the fleet.

Section I- Real Life Military Personnel

  • Real life military members who have responsibilities to their country will be granted special privileges for leave.
    • May be on leave for up to 1 year with an approval from the Personnel Officer and Fleet Leaders.
    • Will require fleet rank to be set to "Member" or "Veteran" depending on the their fleet service time.

    • Must notify Personnel Officer within 15 days before or after the active duty orders (if at all posible) to avoid any confusion, especially in the event of rapid and/or “silent” deployment.
      • Members who are not able to notify the Personnel Officer may return to the fleet if they were kicked due to inactivity from the inability to notify someone of their requirement to their country if the Personnel Officer has noted that the member is on "active" or "pending deployment" in their personnel file.


Section II - Special Exceptions
  • Special exceptions will be made available on a case by case basis and will require the Personnel Officer and Fleet Leaders' approval.



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Title VI - Website Membership

Article I - Classifications

Section I: - All Pontential Recruits as of 5/20/2012
All potential members to the 106th Fleet are required to have a properly filled out application pending on the 106th Fleet website BEFORE a potential member can be accepted into our fleet by a recruiting officer.

Sub-section A
Enrollment on the website does not guarantee a promotion within the fleet.

Section II: - Current Standing Fleet Members as of 5/19/2012
These are the members of the fleet that are current Crew or Casual members of the fleet as of 5/19/2012.

Sub-Section A
These members are not required to register on our website.  It is completely optional for them but encouraged.




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Title VII - Multiple Fleet Characters

Article I - Definitions

Section I
The 106th Fleet will accept any number of alternate characters in the fleet per member (or handle).  However, a member may choose to have their alternate characters remain "Fleet-less" if they so choose.

Sub-Section A
Only recruiters (or higher) can invite alternate characters.  Please direct all alternate character invites to a recruiter or higher.  In addition, members with "invite to fleet permissions" are not allowed to invite their own alternate characters.

Sub-Section B - Fleet Resources Access
Most fleet ranks will have "limited" access to fleet resources.

Sub-Section C
All Characters will have the the full name of their Main character listed in the member comments on the fleet roster in-game. The "Joined Fleet Date" of each toon will be listed in the "Officer Comments".

Sub-Section D - (Probations)
See Title I, Article V, Section VII of this charter for more information.


Section II - Fleet Resources Access
All character's access to the bank will be dependent upon the fleet rank you reside in.

Sub-Section A
Everyone may only have 1 character in the fleet designated as a "Main" character.  Your main character will be the only allowed character to promote throughout the fleet with the exception of the ranks of "Member" and "Veteran".  

Sub-Section B
Alternate characters will be required to remain in the "Member" or "Veteran" permission group within our fleet, with the exception of the Fleet Leaders' or Founders' alternate characters.  These characters may hold the fleet permission group equal to their main toons.  They may however choose to keep their alts at "Member" or "Veteran".


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Title VIII - Fleet Events

Article I - Definitions
Any event hosted by a member of the fleet for the purpose to rally fleet members to a single cause or activity. 


Article II: Guidelines
All events shall state when this statute applies to an event.  When event states that it follows this statute, the defining guidelines will apply to the event.


Section I: RSVP
All events that follow this statute shall use the following sub-section as a guide for RSVP.

Sub-Section A: RSVP "YES"
A member who RSVP's "YES" shall make themselves available for the event at the time stated in the event roster.  Also, members shall read the duration for the event and also take that into consideration when RSVP'ing "YES" for an event.

Sub-Section A: RSVP "MAYBE"
A member who RSVP's "MAYBE" shall mean that they might possibly be able to make it.  "MAYBE" will also be considered a "STANDBY" position.  If enough people RSVP "YES" then "MAYBE" will only be considered for members that have to leave an event early or for members who don't show up even though they RSVP'd "YES"

Sub-Section A: RSVP "NO"
This option is not applicable and may or may not be stated by a member.


Article III: Enforcement
Any member who has disregarded this statute in the past or has not given full attention to the event may be disqualified from the event and future events.  If this is the current situation, members will be notified that they are not able to attend and to remove themselves from the RSVP list for events.

Article IV: Exclusions
We do realize that circumstances do occur when you are unable to attend an RSVP'd event.  Please let the event host know as soon as possible with a reason for your absence.  Please do not abuse this clause.

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Title IX - Multiple Fleet Memberships

  • This defines how the 106th Fleet views multiple fleet memberships of its members and its fleet officials.

Article I: Definition
We are a proud fleet.  In the past we have had other fleets trying to "Steal" or "Farm" our members even while attempting to maintain a character within our fleet.  For the recruiters, Project Leaders and higher, being in the 106th Fleet requires loyalty, dedication and an overall support to the fleet.  Membership in this fleet shall be your top priority.  Multiple fleet memberships shall be defined as having a character in the 106th Fleet as well as other fleets inside STO that were not created or authorized by the Founders of the 106th Fleet.

Section I: Conflicts of Interest
Any recruiter, project leader or higher who has a character in any unauthorized fleet shall be deemed as a conflict of interest.  Multiple fleet memberships will not be allowed unless it is a fleet created by the admins of the 106th Fleet which includes the 106th KDF Fleet.

Sub-Section A: Main / ALT character Restrictions
During your membership of the 106th Fleet NO ONE is allowed to help another STO player start a fleet/website.  Members are prohibited from "Fleet Hopping" (jumping from fleet to fleet) or to join another fleet to assist/donate any type of fleet resource (Doffs, Marks, dilithium, ETC.).  Members are also asked not to release 106th Fleet intel that is not otherwise posted on our fleet website for the public viewing.  Members MAY acquire items from other fleets' resources as long as it doesn't require them to actually leave the fleet to do so.

Sub-Section B: Odd Circumstances
Sometimes situations will arise with reasons to allow multiple fleet memberships for members within the 106th Fleet.  For example, a fleet based on a prinicple of marketing and/or newscasting which in this case would fit outside of the normal definition of a "fleet".  When these situations occur, only the FLEET LEADERS may override this section of the charter for legidimate circumstances. 

Section II: Verification
Any recruiter, project leader or higher suspected of multiple fleet memberships will be verified.  They will be required to "un-hide" a character for verification.

Section III: Enforcement
Recruiters, project leaders or higher who have been verified that they hold multiple fleet memberships will be required to rectify the situation immediately.  Those un-willing to "un-hide" or remove themselves from an unauthorized fleet will be automatcially kicked from the fleet with or without warning.



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Title X - Administrative

Article I - Purpose

  • To specifically define the rights of the founders and leaders of the fleet and their subordinates.

Section I: Structure
The 106th Fleet IS NOT a democracy.  We have no "board" or "counsil".  The Founders make the final decisions for the fleet and it's setup, structure and/or future, etc.  However, we still listen to our member base and their ideas.  But not all ideas are adopted into being.

Section II: Founders' Rights
The founders reserve the right to superseed any created document or charter when they deem necessary or to perform any action regardless, or in circumstances which requires an immediate response or corrective action, without fear of any retaliation from its members or diciplined member(s).



Be sure to visit our "F.A.Q." and "Fleet Structure" pages which can be found by clicking the buttons on the left in the main menu.  Alternatively you can click the buttons below as well.  Both pages give great insight as to why things are the way they are and how we do things.
The link to our fleet promotion requirements can also be found on the fleet structure information page.



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