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We are accepting in-game alliances


We are currently accepting in-game alliances with in the Armada on a "Need by Need" basis.  We are looking to expand the game's "fun factor" by examining all possibilites that exist within the game.  If you would like to be considered for an alliance with the 106th Fleet, please contact one of the following people:

  • Jeremy-T@the_orig_jean_luc_picard
  • Noveta@Vash_Picard


If you feel you must to contact the 106th Fleet for any other reason, it must be done thru 106th Fleet Admirals, or Fleet Vice Admirals.  We do not use Ambassadors, Liaisons or any other type of diplomatic position.  If the contact is made thru any other officer within the 106th Fleet you will be notified who to contact are will be requested to cease all comunication unless it is with the above stated 106th Fleet personnel...

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