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About the 106th Fleet™


Founded (RL) February 10, 2010 9:29pm MDT (<IG> September 20, 2410 3:25am SD 87718.20)

GAME DAY LAUNCH: February 2, 2010


Setting the Standard, Structure and Ideas For ALL Other Fleets
"Bringing Structure to Chaos"

Many fleets try to look like us, a few fleets have tried to copy us in many ways but they have ALL failed or fallen short in some way..." - Jeremy, 106th Fleet Admiral

"Imitation is the sincerest flattery" C.C.Colton (1780 -1832)

 Exquisiteness and Profusion "plus" Distinction and Veracity; working together, hand in hand...



"A nation (fleet) that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people."
"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic."
"Let every nation (fleet) know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty." - John F. Kennedy

The 106th Fleet...

We are a well-established fleet that has been around since a few days after Star Trek Online launched.  The fleet is full of members who love Star Trek.  We are active, social and love to have fun.  

We provide groups that cover all areas of the game and some we have created for the use of the fleet.  These groups allow us to be flexible and evolve to the every changing state of the game.  We have EXPERIENCED STF/RAID, PVP and PVE members who know their way through the game and can help you with just about everything in the game.  The 106th Fleet's Goal: "We want to make you the best Star Trek Online player you can be!"

The 106th Fleet is military structured after Star Trek and the U.S. Navy.  We follow and RP the chain of command here in the fleet.  Being military structured it also means that there are 2 leaders that make the major decisions concerning the fleet.  However, they utilize ideas from everyone when possible and it is highly encouraged that all members communicate ideas or suggestions.  The fleet provides several outlets on which to accomplish this.

Now a little about the name of the fleet...  "106" was choosen because it is the lucky number of the fleet founder.  The number "106" is his "23".  The number "106" regularly shows up in his life everywhere he goes or in everything he does.  There is a forum post under "pictures" dedicated to the number "106". 

Many claim to be the best fleet through "specific actions", false pretenses, lies or even by real life money.  Some say that they have a quality fleet.  Many brag about guilds spread out across mulitple MMO's or that they share fleet alliances (formal and informal).  Some fleets don't know the direction they are heading or lack structure and longivity.  Well, here at the 106th Fleet, we don't claim to be the best, but we do claim to be "one of the best" and we do know where we are heading and what our goals are.

We are a Star Trek officer style fleet except for the fleet rank of "Crew".  The fleet rank of "Crew" is for our casual players.  We Role Play the chain of command.

The Fleet Founder resides in Grand Junction, CO USA.  The official fleet time zone is Mountain Time zone.


 **Click Here for more information on the 106th Fleet**

Current Fleet Leaders
Lifetime Members

Fleet Admiral
Jax Amnell Rahl@Klyph_terak


As of April 2, 2013 5:09pm MST Jeremy has been on active duty for
498 days, 6 hours, 1 minutes, 24 seconds.
Veteran Day Rewards: 1166 days

U.F.P. Medal of Honor1000 Day Veteran/Life Time Member

As of April 1, 2013 9:45pm MST Jax has been on active duty for
192 days, 21 hours, 49 minutes, 0 seconds.
Veteran Day Rewards: 1166 days

Kinetic Killer1000 Day Veteran/Life Time Member

Honorary Retired Fleet Leader


ENLISTED 2/10/2010
RETIRED 1/2/2013

Legendary1000 Day Veteran/Life Time Member


Current Star Trek Online Season
Public News/MOTD

Crystaline Entity Destroyed... AGAIN!!!!
You can click the picture to goto the actual image.

"Knowledge is power!"

Google Us: 106th FleetA Star Trek Online Fleet 


106th Fleet has done a few podcasts!  Click the link to the left for our podcasts!
You can join our public in-game chat channel by joining "Argus Array" (without the quotes) 

We are recruiting!  Contact a recruiter in-game by searching for us in the fleet finder window or by sending in an application to the website.  Be sure everything is filled out, or the system will not "submit" your application.  90.4% of the people who voted (146 voted so far) rate the fleet as Great (5 out of 5) or Good (4 out of 5).  We offer a "5 star fleet for a 2 star price..."  Come join us.  You won't be disapointed...

For Diplomatic Relations with the 106th Fleet please review both our stance on fleet alliances and our fleet charter under Title I, Article V, Section III.

106th Fleet thanks Subspace Radio for the AWESOME recuiting advertisement!!

Contact us @: the106thfleet@gmail.com

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Celebrating 4 Years (2/10/2010 - 2/10/2014)


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